Johann Garber was born in 1947 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, and has been living in the House of Artists in Gugging since 1981. His highly detailed Indian ink drawings fill the edge of the sheet – only upon closer inspection sights, animals, people, celestial bodies or geometric figures appear, from which the artist creates amusing perspectives. Beyond this, Garber paints all sorts of objects such as chairs, antlers and revolvers. In 1990, he and the Gugging Artists were awarded the Oskar Kokoschka Prize. His works can be found in the Museum of Outsider Art, Russia, the American Folk Art Museum, USA, and in the Fabio Cei Collection, Italy.

About the project

"I love ready mades, objects that are 'ready' to be designed. Colourful icons, writings, photos or articles from the newspapers to make little collages on the object. I'm so proud to be selected to transform this box into one of my very typical art-objects, with personal messages, a sympathetic photo of myself and icons I typically love to draw. I'm eager to see how it will be shown virtually."

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