Carmel Said began his career as a young boy, painting churches with his father. He went on to study at the Royal College of Art, London, and established himself as an exceptional scenic artist with high profile clients in fashion, TV and film. His fine art background repeatedly saw directors and photographers hire him not just for his technical abilities, but as an advisor on everything from lighting to construction. He founded Scenic Sets and continues to produce beautiful and innovative work with his team; including many of Louis Vuitton’s windows and installations around the world.

About the project

"From our earliest moments as a species, we have taken minerals from the Earth to make art; in the form of pigments. In the future we might follow Nature’s example of structural colour - micro-surfaces reflecting light in specific ways - to continue creating vivid colours without depleting the Earth’s resources. With the colour blue historically being the last colour to appear in all human languages, we settled on the Morpho butterfly as our embodiment of this future. The shape of this trunk come from the magnified structures of the Morpho’s wings, interwoven with Vuitton’s monogram. 'The Structural Colour Box - Temple to Blue' is a blending of natural and manmade ingenuity."

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