For the last decade, Alex Israel’s (b. 1982, Los Angeles, CA) art has embraced pop-culture as a global language. Trafficking in the invisible stardust of Hollywood and the detritus of film production (backdrops, sets and props) while riding the wave of the Internet and social media as online talk-show host, eyewear and clothing designer, filmmaker and hologram, Israel’s art practice doubles as a brand, centred around a Southern Californian millennial lifestyle for which his iconic profile-in-shades-logo is a sly emblem, mobilised across high-visibility platforms from the worlds of art, entertainment, fashion and tech. Embedded within each of Israel’s endeavours is not only a landscape (of LA) and a portrait (of himself), but a cool and savvy meditation on a world fuelled by celebrity, product placement and influence. A sort of sphinx behind dark lenses, the artist provokes an interrogation of the role of contemporary art in this new world.

About the project

"My animated campaign for Louis Vuitton’s cologne perfume 'On The Beach' drew inspiration from my hometown of Los Angeles. It captures the vivid colours of oceanfront façades and the oscillations of light that shift and shimmer throughout the day along the Pacific Coast. With Eiza Gonzalez in a summer-cut wetsuit with matching surfboard (both resembling my sunset-gradient paintings), Venice beach roller-skaters, and sparkling purple waves curling to the beat of an original track by Emile Haynie, this dream-pop clip is here reimagined across the surface of the Louis 200 vessel."

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