Tracey Deep has been working as a floral sculptor for the last 25 years. Evolving over the last 15 years, her art practice spawned from floral art and has developed into the realm of environmental art, sculpture & installations. Deep's passion is working with used, industrial, organic, discarded, pre-loved and discontinued materials, to create sustainable art. She revels in the natural world. Her works reflect a poetic play of light and shade, earth textures and sensual forms, inspired by the essence of nature.

About the project

"My fibre work 'roots' is created for Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday, inspired by my deep love for Mother Naure and her majestic trees with their powerful root systems, that nourish and nurture, from tree branch, leaf, seed pods, blooms and trunk. 'roots' represents the importance of trees in our environments, just like the importance of family roots to nurture generation after generation, tree 'roots' are for our future survival and for all humanity."

360 view

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